Introducing MINT LIFT, PDO suture for facial tissue fixation
PDO thread approved by the Ministry of
Food & Drug Safety ‘for facial tissue fixation’
Class 4 medical device approved by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety of Korea as a facial tissue fixation thread

Korea’s first absorbable, PDO thread to be approved exclusively for lifting (for facial tissue fixation)

Only products approved as “facial tissue fixation thread” can be used for cosmetic purposes.
Safe manufacturing management
and compliance with medical device regulations
  • 01
    Hans Biomed directly manufactures and packages all processes of manufacturing under strict regulations and prohibits the use of a 3rd company for the manufacturing process.
  • 02
    Guidelines for the disposable medical device regulations are followed to ensure patient safety
  • 03
    Sterilized Mint lift is for single use only and not reused by re-sterilization
  • 04
    MINT lift does not use resealable packaging for reuse purposes. Reuse of opened Mint lift is strictly prohibited.
Proven efficacy and safety through clinical studies
Mint lift is clinically studied on actual patients and supported with thesis publications for its efficacy and safety for wrinkle improvement.

*Ref. 1) Woon Il Back, Woo Seob Kim, Joon Hyuk Suh. Lower Facial Rejuvenation Using Absorbable Casting Barbed Thread. Dermatologic Surgery. 2017;43(6):884-887
2) Samira Yarak, Juliano Augusto Ribeiro de Carvalho. Facial Rejuvenation with Absorbable and Barbed Thread Lift: Case Series with Mint Lift. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research. 2017;8(5).
Based on the clinical studies and scientific publications, Mint is approved for use in skin tissue lifting in 7 countries* including USA FDA 510(k), Europe CE, and China CFDA

* China, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Panama, and Republic of South Africa
Safe raw material PDO
PDO (polydioxanone) is a biodegradable polymer that has been used as a surgical suture. It naturally dissolves and absorbs in the human body and promotes skin elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis.

PDO is a safe raw material that is nonantigenic and fully dissolved within 6 months of the procedure.